Wednesday 13 March 2013

Database & Algorithms


  Sorting & Searching is the only and mostly used algorithms in the world when it comes to computers. But you know how to do sorting of a small array or a set of data, but what would you do when you have millions & billions of data?


What is the basis of databases? There will be no computers in every field without these databases. Databases are the most important computing phenomenon that is changing the way world used to do its work. But what is the basic feature it gives automatically: sorting & searching billions of data.
  Yes!! Sorting & Searching is the most important feature of the database. But the next important constant factor that creates problem for database is space. A small shop cannot buy TBs of server to store data. They will just have GBs of hard disk space. When they grow big, may be their data needs grow and they move to bigger servers. This problem is what getting solved in the form of cloud computing.
  But keeping the cloud aside, the constant factor which affects sorting & searching is space + computing power !!! You don’t have unlimited space or unlimited computing power. Here comes algorithms for rescue and all database systems still fight for space + power to increase its handling of huge data.

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